morning drama:tax waiver on bus fare?

June 15, 2007 at 5:53 am | Posted in idiots | 9 Comments
stupid matatu n tout!

when i woke up leo, i was a really sad face. sad as tortoise…but some drama in the mat woke me up n i smiled all the way to school/work….
we were sitted pensively in the mat, everyone engrossed in their own world, probably contemplating on what kimunya’s budget offered for the ordinary mwananchi when out of the blue, the concordi hit the roof…literally…and everyone turned…not because it was odd…but coz we were in this no-man-land area and curiosity had us hostages-who could be alighting at this place at that hour of the morning?


no sooner had our heads turned when a commotion arose, the dere pulled over and the short thing disguised as a tout jumped out…with this passenger hot on his scruff…guys, i was shocked!
mungiki! i almost shouted…but there was no one with close semblance to the modoathii kind(no pun!)…was in sight, brandishing a bloody panga…
be4 we could even hear the bone of contention, the dere was struggling to open his jammed door (i was a ol’ ol’ mkebe mat) hurling unprintables..but they are bloggable..heheh..mbwa kasia, nyani…
by this time, the dwarf concordi was on the ground chewing grass as he couldn’t withstand the numbing blow administered by the jamaa who was physically way better endowed..if that makes sense … then, as the shocked passengers watched, the jamaa was bouncing bouncing belligerently, like a prize boxer baying for his victims blood…
then the driver showed up, n when we thought the whole thing would be sorted…he launched on his own Weapons of stubborn Passenger destructions…and wasn;t that thumped hard..
“we unatupotezea wakati, tunaenda kazi!!!” those not amused were now shouting…other cars were now stopping to ‘witness’ and i’ve never felt like laughing on such a ‘serious’ situation…
eventually, the jamaa was let go with seriuos bruises to nurse and the tout had since spat the bunch of glass he had swallowed…
n it was then that we learnt of why the fate of the person had to be like that…he had refused to pay full fare:twenty bob and wanted to foot half of that coz ‘alikuwa anashukia junction
…he went half of his destination and paid half of the whole route’s full fare…
talk about miscalculations…oh…n he got to buy some bandage for the thungurima‘s on his head too…
am still jolly!



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  1. DUST………….
    woooiye Modo! No sooner had I read that line that I started……..OOh forget it!
    LOOL nice way to start the day as long as you are not the goat eating grass

  2. hahaha…as long as u aint the one eating dust..ha ha ha..dont encourage modo to kill me wewe!!

  3. yaaani, nisikupate. LOL! wacheni kuingilia ‘tentacles’ zangu ka za medusa.

    WANTED msee. umewekewa wanted!

  4. Ha, dude was zero grazing that early in the day? Kweli kuna mambo duniani!

  5. @modo, but do we say.niko na ile gun 46+1, cheza na mimi hahah lol
    @egm..haha, that really cracked me up

  6. wachana na bunde…si umewatch V for Vendetta? utanishoot…dooshnyao…lakini bado nitakufikia na nikuwekelea dagger ya rasa…na knife imerust.

  7. Wow..what a way to start the day!!

  8. Kavita kanaivaa niniiii?

  9. Niaje skuona hii risto? Ama ni venye hiyo iko hapo juu inaletesha

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