i met someone…wheeeeeeeeez!

June 15, 2007 at 8:47 am | Posted in meetingbloggers | 33 Comments

before you judge me, try hard to love me, scratch your head(any), search within your heart…then ask yourself- does he look like he gives a fuck?
a corruption of MJ’s ’95 song-Childhood

anyway, just kidding…ha!
could have been last week, go consult my diary…am sure my memory is right.ya! n we just met. casually.just casually….
she looked gr8 from far, yeah, good from far…and indeed very cool when she is nexta me, lovely! she is a great brown goddess, with a slim body Britney would strangle for…a model without trying…she sed she cant help it…i shook my drowsy head…i agreed…nice long hair, a shiny set of silver jewelery, which doesn’t manage to take the spark of the beau…a jolly face and an infectuios smile.
hmmm, for the next four hours!(imagine!!) i had company to help me chase the nasty boredom from the mundane job…we actually met during work hours, boss wasn’t amused, but hey, i could lose the job for you sweetie hahahaha..
there was no time for impressions….impressions….impressions, F.I.L.L.-first impressions last long, but i last longest…i think i goofed, very much, but if i care, really care, thats a story for another day…n we talked and talked…and laughed…mostly about blogging. she was great company…i realised this when her darty eyes did cross mine laughing ones…n i i was mostly looking out for them leggies…n before i knew it, the event was over…i hope next time i’ll not be under the influence…maybe i’ll be more real. ha, n i’ll see your true colors….wouldn’t mind seeing you with only one thing in hand, my dear bottle, guess i’d fly away, never to come back…oooh

i now know why some good people are in love!!



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  1. wah wah wah oh no u didnt diss an MJ song hakuna

  2. hahahahah she kinds of looks familiar by the way i recognise that nywele haki
    ati ” baby i cud lose my job for you”

    ha ha ha hah

  3. From the side she is smoking hot!!
    Who is she?
    N dont get me wrong on my gender preference….

  4. Unyc I wekad you suspect Kitambo, LOL.

    Boyflani the young chile looks very fly from aside, good luck!

  5. You went
    You saw
    Did you conquer?

    loool … she’s finer than cosmic dust!! Have her digits dadii?

  6. @unyc, its alright its alright.its the new world order yu know.
    @tato…i dint diss it tato..its just a corrupted excerpt haha.
    ati she looks familiar…isniambie u dipped yua hands uko pia..wewe!
    @3n suspect sio?
    @mwangi.come on, life is not about coming seeing and conquering…eish, my motto is simple-i came, saw, n wrote!

  7. What do you mean what happened to me? kwani we had a clande move? I am interested! 🙂

  8. You have a good eye, Good Luck!

  9. @ boyflani: there was an implied humour … hehii … pole i didn’t mean it like that …

  10. mazee nimeona moshi ikirise from my comp….

    sssssssmokin’ hat! YAUZA! side…mlegis. weweeeee! evidently i can’t pull aa dick tracy and fathom who she be.

    UNYC? me and 3N akili ni tight.

  11. interesting very interestin

    when is the second meet up? is that mrs aegeus by the way?

  12. @phassie. mebe…who r u?
    @kirima. ati good eye?haha…hawk eyed brother.n dont good luck me, gzzpot guaranteed, ha!
    @modo, endeleeni kussuspect tu, mnafikiri nitawashow???nyi ni ma-hungry, kwanza we modo!
    @guestblogger…wewe!i dont deal wit other peeps wifey’s…lakini wakizubaa..

  13. heh! boyflani i see pia wewe umeshikwa na bloggy luuuv..lol maas she looks good, side or not bado ni supuuu..na enyewe me naona ni Phassie ama Unyq lol toboa tu,hakuna ubaya hehe.

  14. whoever she is … i want her!!

  15. Lakini ukiwa na huyo nani huyo mwingine umeweka kwa profile in a string top. You are making us drool over our keyboards. Damn!!

  16. lol Kirima ure mean ati string top????

    Mwangi aiii,si uko na nani-haiya ama ni…uuuiiii!!!

  17. ROTFL ati Mrs A, no way i know that head and ear from anywhere! Hebu she quickly bribes me nisimseme! Quick smart in a hurry!

  18. na hizo nywele…ama ni weave…let me zoom…no its not a weave…heheheh!!

  19. awww that is so sweet. Keep us updated. It seems like you like this one.

  20. ako sasawa!!!!

  21. maaaaaan hizo nywele wa wa wa they wud make nice decorations on my pillow… oooops your pillow..

  22. Aki she resembles my Siz!! :=)
    Lakini she’s damn fine! Good Luck dear…

  23. @betty-huskii man!
    @mwangi-hush it!!
    @kirima..istamani musichana wa mwensako..hehii
    @inexes…we my pillow…lets get that right..
    @phassie…eish, will definately keep u updated!

  24. sasa wewe niaje kuenda kueka picha zangu kwa blog??..
    Ngoja tufike home leo!!
    hehehehe LOL!!
    @ Klara.. Ati your siz.. hihihi

  25. LOOOL!!

    I get it.

  26. @sue…we usijali, we’ll sort things horizontal..lol
    @mwas..yeah@ least u gitch it..lol

  27. eish! hungry wolf. mpitishe hapa karibu na BT uone vile hiyo train itakuwa empty. majamaa wote njee.

  28. we modo…:hautoshi mboga!

  29. Umeland msichana anakaa msupuu kutoka hiyo angle ya camera. She wasn’t paying attention, or doesn’t visit blogsphere?
    And during office hours? You have a very sawa mdosi…

  30. hey, tumepatana…hatu-ja hook up!!!

  31. hebu tuonyeshe hiyo angle inginge…labda amechomeka…LOL!

    investigesheni report;

    and i know those shoes…si ni zile za pale city walk? i’m already talking to the guy who sold them to her…napata risiti yake sasa.

  32. nani anataka mboga akiwa na supu(u)!

  33. Mrs. Aegeus ni mimi…..

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