am in mathare with terror:world’s fiercest mafias?

June 8, 2007 at 8:08 am | Posted in whatsmakingnews | 10 Comments

Anybody who thought fighting Mungiki would be easy had better think again-palaver

.-thanks to alexcia i got to read the article she has just posted and following the links, the international’ recognition has me hitting the roof??!! what is the world coming to?or rather, whats Kenya’s next move after this onslaught of negative international
fame?why didn’t they highlight the 6.1 ecenomic growth as they are currently doing…or
thats little compared the west two digit figure tiger-ic economic growths…..or was the palaver in eaststandard right yesterday?

kicking your ass like u’ll never forget.>>

Mungiki on a killing spree. Police kill 22.
Seven die of
food poisoning. Stray
dogs maul farm worker. Villagers torch suspect’s house. Man, 60, defiles
two-year-old girl. Flash floods cut off 8,500. That is the Kenya we have even
with a 6.1 per cent economic growth

….naturally, i regress…i see it as an opportunity…a crack of a rare chance by the west, to ‘revenge’ the economic cooperation black out, kibaki has given them and rushed to merge with the east. come to think of it…Kibaki has just come out of Libya after ‘diplomatic talks with Gaddaffi… and u’re doomed if you think Gaddaffi is Bush’s/the soon-to-go Blair’s bossom buddies…

back to the Mungiki…and the coverage by the international media…starting with reportage by the InternationalHeraldTribune.
Leaflets allegedly circulated by the group call on Kenyan youth to join and prepare for an uprising against the government. The leaflet includes a threat that “if one youth is killed we shall kill 10 police.” do we read the same newspapers(hoping we all depend on the electronic and print media for news) i stand to be corrected, but this statement, how authentic is it?huh?


The Standard, Kenya’s oldest newspaper, ran a front-page editorial Thursday warning that if the police break into homes and kill innocent people, “the public will dread police the same way they dread Mungiki.”
heh ehe…the standard gets that vital recognition, but is it worth its weight in salt?how many editorials have been written in defense of its outstanding, outlandish everyday stand…maybe its true…but remember that quote “every time she screamed fire…the people would respond: little ;liar! day, fire did really come.”
….Clashes have broken out every election year since 1992, and this year has been no different. In the past, human rights groups and critics of the government have accused politicians of instigating the violence to force opposition supporters to flee constituencies where the then-ruling Kenya African Union National party faced strong challenges

hey hey…election year, clashes…..rings something in your mind?is it pure coincidence or is Mungiki’s outburst related to the elections?what had the matatu krew, the extortion and mungiki got to do with the election of anyone? or is there a political figure using this money to sponsor his/her campaign?if so, where is the link?do research n let your reports be FACTUAL!!mere coincidence doesn’t hold water, does it?

(^^m-show mathee leo nalala inda..)

jo…still, it wasn’t a joking matter in mathare….somebody once said that if you want to think about the future, picture a boot stamping your head and face…well if this is the future, then i will go Einstein style; won think about it, coz it comes too soon…

* This year it called for a overthrow of the government, and many fear it will play a violent role in general elections set for December. this is from reuters
can somebody enlighten me. am i behind in news? or what is happening?did Mogoke really threaten to ovethrow the government or is this an uncalled for chant?



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  1. Let’s stop making excuses for Mungiki and the government force’s equally barbaric tacticts.

    The only difference between these two groups are that one always wears uniforms and operates out in the open while the other are in civilan clothes and work out of the shadows.

    This is pure brutality and a fake remedy that came too late, way too late.
    Mungiki should be stopped & brought to justice and Kenyan paramilitary forces brutality needs to be out in check.

  2. there are no excuses that we are making…n if both are terrorists, who will help you out. the fact is that if you want to live, u must gang up with one.simply put.anyway, thanks for checking my maskan.

  3. I do think that people turned a blind eye to Mungiki for waaaaaaaay too long and this is what we ended up with. I do think there is a better solution than all this force that is being used right now but remember we are in Kenya where its damage control and not prevention.
    ps: I see you are a real kenyan! It is ” I am in mathare” not “Am in…..”

  4. true Aco. prevention may better than the cure…but what now? aint the milk already spilt?we got to live with the consequences.

  5. Ta for the info. Disheartening doesn’t begin to describe my feelings.

  6. I was watchin the news n got so sad, The Police by turning that Brutal are not helping solve the Problem at hand coz this killings are still going on n poor mwananchi is caught helpless in the middle, n it’s this group that is suffering the most!

  7. The whole scene is disgraceful and if the international press are covering it its cos it is happening. I agree Mungiki should be wiped out but we must not replace it with police terror either. Talking about what the gova did not do in the past won’t help their responsibility now is to deal with it.

  8. i ask myself, if the Police are going around killin pple are kicking others’ heads,who are the people meant to turn to?Can’t turn to Mungiki-they’re the enemy and are slaughtering masses..can’t turn to the police now coz they seem to be doing the same thing.

    That thing of ‘clearing’ Mathari and all,honestly if my brother is in Mungiki, do you think i’d rat on him…that’s where we get our daily bread-the dosh paid by mats and all…and the neighbour who lends me sugar,can’t rat on him either!!
    The Polica shouldn’t use such brutal and inhumane methods to bring Mungiki to justice,the hell,, that’s why the bladi Courts of law exist! ISH

  9. yaani polisi bila mercy!!! its sad that some innocent people will suffer for something they have no idea of, secondly who told police that Mungiki people are home at around 11.00am? Isnt that the time they are out there trying to Chotesha guys of Ma3?

  10. It pasts five years and i am not yet forgotten the brutal beating i receive from police………………….. while wearing school uniform that day.

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