Designer Vagina?

June 4, 2007 at 10:19 am | Posted in whatsmakingnews | 17 Comments

the perpetual hunger to be beautiful and the thirst to be loved,
the real curse of Eve

i am a newspaper addict….one of those guys whose hands tremble anytime i see a daily like a chang’aa dipsomaniac at the site of a glass of the vile drink … at the very presence of one, be it sun beaten yellow paper…i observe a moment of silence, in its respect…ok ok…i want to write for the papers one day, satisfy the client in between the sheets in the best style possible…
so, i was doing my usual promiscuriosity across the local dailies…n i encountered this article about designer vagina’s…n am like hey!??-wonders never cease. now at our doorsteps is another outfit…designer vaginas, ha! i mean, aint it enough that we got silicon breasts, n insured a**es? of the world’s most prestigious health journals has lashed at a fast-growing trend in the US and Uk for ‘designer vaginas’ the tabloid term for cosmetic sergury to the female genitalia

this came when i thought the womenfolk have had enough of their dire need to be loved, cared for and gulp all the attention…i was in for another shocker. this trend, may soon, may swallow up the African woman…am afraid!! i like the African woman, her essence, her simplicity…just her.maybe i even love her… devoid of complexities and insinuations of non-existent beauty.

i mean, its kinda hazy, illogical and almost-unreasonable to worry about some things. the whole conservative open minded me, encased in this so-open-to-explore being, is just bila words…come to think of it, kwani who comes out with a flashlight checking out if you have ‘unattractive lips‘ so you could resort to the surgeon’s blade?
blame it on the media and more so, on the adherents of the so-called ‘elective genitoplasty’ or ‘labia reductions’
still, si wao husema Johnie ana macho moja na ni kipofu?
he he, i can drone on and on about this crap, coz unless the Vagina is the axis on which your life rotates on(huh?) i dont think any uncalled for alterations really make any sense, now that the sums involved are as large as the risks..

meanwhile, i was going through some books in (the local) library and i found this book overwhelming cool…that am thinking of buying it. its called Kwani?… and wherever i was when it was launched…better not ask…it got the likes of my all-time favorite Kenyan hip hop artiste, Kitu Sewer- of Mashifta and mob poetry by Tony Mochama (masquerades as smitta n likes to call it Poetree…jeez, his poetree is completely electrifying!) plus, its also in Sheng’ (they say a slang is a language that folds it sleeves and gets to work!)
i think its worth checkking out..especially coz it got this quote on the back cover like:
“…the african woman private part is the most public in the world”
wotever the Wanjiku Mwangi meant, the chapter on V’s is closed!

n this is out image of the day…sleep is sleep, no matter where you let your head lie…wait, or could he be timing the Celtel Mambo tarrif?but on the booth? i LMAO at the article on Crazy monday with the title “talk on your sleep with celtel”, in regard to the tarriff..Celtel should get realistic..



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  1. True. You are trusted and crazy.

  2. That title had me ROTFL! ati designer vaginas? Someone needs to smack those women, they are too idle. they need to go back to the ages of 16 children per mother, then a designer vagina would be the least of their worries!
    Stupid a** people

  3. i agree with hnh..idle women those!!but ure sick ati desighner vaginas.

  4. a guy who knows himself.
    @hnh…ha, couldn’t find a better title..betty…ha ha!

  5. LOL! Espec at the title! Honestly I get amazed sometimes by such extremes women go to? Why go to all that trouble?and for what?

  6. Women with issues and too much time and money on their hands.

  7. when they say designer, do they mean ati it chezas ngomas…and does it come wth a lebo. whaat next designer penis? no, lakini jamaas are simple!

    wazungu wamekosa kazi.

    soma gazeti utuangushie wazimu another. deadly.

    and betty this i think is more than the first blog naona mnafuatana na HnH hapa na hapa…siamese twins nini?

  8. @ara mimi nashangaa…mzungu useless..
    @egm too much time and money, less men.
    @modo-ha ha, ati designer penis?

  9. Hiyo ad ya celtel ni noma sana!!!!

  10. lol ! MODO, may mbi h ena h and me we ara ndabo!!

    Pia na wewe tunaeza fuatana hapa na hapa,si we try?tryz-x.

  11. I feel you on the “Kwani” series … Am currently working on Kwani 01. Brilliant work. Cannot wait 2 get a hold of the others!!

  12. eish some people have the money to waste eh?

  13. Designer what now? What will they think of now? Let me not go there. I love the template dadii. Nice place!

  14. i also wonder augesus…

  15. hiyo ni picha ya boney M kama avvater (it’s called that sio) yako? aama ni M Ali, ama kunta kinte

  16. On the vagina thingamajig…I’m glad the sum of one is not all!

  17. true@quintessence.

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