black hawk down

May 30, 2007 at 9:23 am | Posted in whatsmakingnews | 5 Comments

kabogo has been riding on a money tiger, and its getting hungrier

Juja MP william kabogo is a man on his way to oblivion, i can comfortably say. maybe his money could save him, but money aint evrything. his alleged involvement with the mungiki sect is a dent to his already dented reputation…that is iredeemable, even with money. this young tycoon, whose constituency lies next to where my ancestors dust is burried…infact, Juja is where my great grandfather lost his foreskin!
so, i speak from a firsthand experience…or encounter.
its sad to see that he thinks he can fly his way through evrything.
recently, he arrived in a chopper at a burial of one Jogoo Kimakia and the proud bird swept to the ground maize in a nearby plantation…n guess what many moneybags did?
smiling (un)apologetically, he fished out kshs 200,000 and handed it to the mzee of the boma…and you’d be out of yua mind to think the villagers (who were watching) were impressed.
you, i and the public know that most of these people acheive their monolithic perks from unfair means. or do these guys have days with more 24 hours? infact, who wears their ass off more? the sand harvester or…
yes…hard work(read skunk work) is not it rather smart work, but does that mean you use the unconventional means to get rich.
and i dont say that Kabogo got his wealth from unfair…but his (again alleged) story with the Kshs. 6.8 bn cocaine is quite questionable…
by the way, do you know with such Money u cud lend the whole DUNIA bob ubaki na change ya mita nane?yaani 8 milli change…?
n u say we’re poor..
so lets see the circus unfold as politicians rush through the coridohs of courts(getting to spend one-nighters in ‘jail’) and in the end, nothing will happen.
infact, am tempted to think this is just character assassination by the gover in a bid to show its bid in their failed battle against mungiki…in the end, as the attention fades so will the case vanish in the shadows.

the black hawk down

meanwhile, the candidates up against Kabogo are good to note. n they are out to take black hawk down! in fact, one of them has revolutionized the city road network…n filled the city with green..grasshoppers? yeah, u have a clue..the CityHoppa MD..George Thuo is one of the contestants of this seat. and the other guy happens to be the X-headmaster of Mangu high school…maybe he could give him some flight lessons…n altogether bring the black hawk down.



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  1. Siasa kali hii. There’s a trend of Kenyan folks making money illegally, and then joining politics to protect their loot and grave misdeeds. Our parliemant is full of such people.

    As you said, the story of Kabogo’s association with Mungiki will soon dissapear. ECK will declare him “clean” for general elections. Even people like Kamlesh will be clean enough for presidency.

  2. Ati you sought Kabogo and found himat my blog. Thats scary I think you posted him there and uncle John wont get you.

    The trend in Kenya will continue letting dirty people lead us and blindly following them inthe name of support.

    At the end of the day ECK is a toothless bull just like many other houses.

    Great home Boy..

  3. Kenyan politics saxs aki! But nahurumia that Kabogo Guy mayber he’s really tellin ukweli..

  4. @kenyanomics…am glad there is someone who shares the same thoughts as i…this is so true, n kenyan politicians are notoriously known for money laundering…
    @nakeel…ebu use the images feature of google n see if yua ka-mouse wont show!
    @klara-real psychopaths we got here.

  5. One thing ive come to notice about Kenyans is that they are resistant to change probably because they all fear that any change might be for the worse.You might not vote for Kabogo during the next elections but trust me, come next year he’ll still be up there hanging out in parliament.
    I live in Juja and ive seen him land his chopper ever so often and to most of the casual labourers , this is always a good thing cos he distributes money.To people who earn less than a dollar a day, bad roads and negative P.R. for the guy dont mean a thing cos all they care about is the cash hez got and thats why they shall continue to religiously vote for him.I heard that during the last elections he even bought bicycles for the bodaboda guys, well im yet to confirm this but for sure this guy has his game narrowed down to perfection.

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