modoathi, Compe!

May 25, 2007 at 4:19 pm | Posted in photospeak | 10 Comments

i have to begin by posting these craze take a break from the usual finger breaking job of forever pounding on me keyboard….enzoy!ha!

yeah right!n am out!


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  1. You have too much time!

  2. @Bomseh, time ni mob.if we ony knew how to manage it:(

  3. i say! u look better than i imagined 🙂 huaaaaaahuaaaa (evil laff) i see maphotoshop skills kwa wingi!

  4. hey hey hey i think i know you!!!! now to figure out from where…..

  5. @boyflani…that is very funny…I put up those pix and said noone on KBW should relate me to them. I know how to get u…if boyflani does not blog again just ask me questions…lol

  6. lol!! my guy those pichas are most timam!!

  7. @Maraz, na bado!
    @inexes, thats not me..bwahahaha!culprit is already jittery..:))
    @mwandishi…now u want to say am a plagiarist?somebody tie me with ropes!

  8. ghost pics on ur blog….wacha i run

  9. LOL! Dont inherit that Modo madnesss plz..
    Bt I now have an idea of how u look! Can easily spot u! LOL

  10. ha!@klara, thaz not me!jus like modo sez!

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