ploughed to be kenyan

May 22, 2007 at 12:17 pm | Posted in randommoments | 10 Comments
he he…washeni ni waabie…
Kenya ni nchi ya maajabu…zamani za kare, kurikuwa na watoto wa nyayo
na mzee mmoja…aliyesema “kanu ni baba na mama..” hapa anasema..”Ret me show you…to the reft, to the light.. kuria, kusoto…”
with illiterate politicians…our lawmakers…sorry, legislators..

in Kenya, money may grow on trees…
thats why, we got cops on them…n wot do they do instead?Doze!
street disciple, street preacher…Nas should get realistic n come n see the real street disciples n preachers…then, Hiphop wud be alive:)

now this is the new dress code for the sons and dotas of Moody where the striped attire is the new fashion craze in all the penitentiaries…the previous one has been the fashion since 1987…heaven, someone here wasnt even born!

ever wondered why Kenyans never grow fat?n while people are being slotad by Mungich and SLDF(Sabaot Land Defence Fools)…here is wot our well-paid soldiers are doing in the RiftValley

but still me love Kenya…tresspassers are prosecuted as stated and u know how we human beings do love short cuts
meanwhile…remember dem daiz?
n hapa…does this ring a bell in your mind..unyc,modoathi,sue,



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  1. Now now, u were not born in 1987 & you remember dem daiz? Aaaiii daddi hapo kuna kitu sio straait.. LOL

  2. we inexes..wacha kunitoanisha..nilikuwa maji nikiichora, ha!

  3. Wow! Well put n the captions are great!
    Now I remember them days sana, Kneeling in da scorchin sun with hands up ati in da name of pano, I hated it even more than the caning..Bt I pretended to faint one time n that was da end of such pano’s for me..:P

  4. And from where did you unearth those pics? They bring memories za teene.

  5. Nice Memory trip you take us on with those pics especially the kneeling down with your hands up pano. I like that.

  6. LOL too funny

  7. thnks@klara…ati u fainted, ha!LMAO…u’re that tricky?
    @kenyanomics-thanks for visiting my site…i jus dug them on the net..ha!
    @kirima…true this is amemory trip..
    @irena-lol.thnks 4 visiting my maska

  8. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! seriously dude, you made my day with this aka trip down memory lane…. kwanza the kneeling!! LMAO! great post, keep it like that!

  9. ni poa ku-go down memory lane, ama aje? Marazzmattaz..whoa!wot a name!

  10. Hey boyflani welcome to blogland!
    that washeni niwambie cracked me up mbaiya sana!

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