oh shit!am single!

May 22, 2007 at 10:31 am | Posted in msheflani | 7 Comments

” every guy needs to, wants to, craves to, for its dreary not to, do a girl in”

its been a while since i hanged the hanyaring kabuti n gloves(other wisely known as ‘ugirimba’) n wasee! it seems leo ndo nimeamka!
wadhii, siamini!
he he he

life was a roller coaster b4 and my heart had its beats hitting the highest mark- one head was at its lowest…n hell forbid, the other one was like a rocket ready for an escapade to the moon( heaven forbid, if you stood on its way…lol!). msee, as jamaas, it usually depends on where blood flows most, and guyz who act on impulses like i tend to mess up githaa mob…n not that i let blood flow in that direction…just
because, a man gotta do!

so, that could probley explain why am here, wallowing in the shadows of loneliness(did i say that?) whereas some nigga is having it good elsewhere…

….my chemical romances have since been stunted and aborted n all am left with is smoke smoldering outta my love life shell, like an abandoned experiment room in Chernobyl…smoke is jus’ billowing slowly , like a great chinese dragon…n u dont wonna know what is happenin inside..
where there is smoke?…there is a smoker on the other end 🙂

am a gro(a)wn up!?

but still, i miss nothing
a**es no longer amuse me, heavenly busts do take my attention, but pretty faces are just another thing on a woman…like say, her handbag or sexy stilletos…or an artistical logo that ignites thinking…like, the bluetooth logo, Dyer&Blair…yah..,or aint a pretty woman like a melody that haunts you after the song is over?
hell, mad rubs and love jerks aint me fantasy n it seems someone just ripped off that page outta my dic…tionary….jeez…what happened to the fire of the loins?!
hata lugha yangu ime-rust na last time nili-approach m-she…nili-end up looking like a square triangle, rude n too rough…
yaani, (as per kawa) i see no point of beating around the bush chasing skunks(or skirts)…i simply went up to the pretty mama, upfront n burped ..

“hey, nice shoes wonna fuck?”

…if looks were bullets…ahhum..

now iz me iz go back to drawing board…i don’t know to do wot exactly…but i know its where all ladders start, down on the bone shop , the rag of the heart…



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  1. hahah you realy are single and good writer hahahh. realy enjoy reading you

  2. realy cool ideas,if every one read you, life would be more realistic

  3. Loving your design! Maaaze si u give me hints…?
    Thanx for stepping kwa ma blog

  4. hints ziko kibao…nione kando..@inexes.@just me…(blushing) thnks,mebe u cd hk me up wit ua small siz.

  5. You are among the group people who make me feel sane. Genius posts!!

  6. he he@ wanjakihii…thnks 4 checking me out.

  7. LOL!

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