one mississipi

May 17, 2007 at 5:50 am | Posted in msheflani | 7 Comments

a gal who opens her hands receives a hug, one who opens her heart receives love, but yule yu fungua miguu..he he..receives happiness!

gmail or gspot?
“and, ” she carried on, “your flies are undone ”
shit! that caught me off guard…but i.r the cat… i always land on my feet
“ah, usijali, i was just fast forwarding things “
she laughed. easily.the ice was broken. for once, the walk from the cyber was lightened up…
and by the moment she was over it, i had gained enough poise to act and spit it all out.
stupid damsel…who u fcu*ing wit?..i hissed inside, as she looked at me with a sneaky sideway glance, as if to confirm i said that…
my chin was up, hands swinging freely in an un-saturday afternoon like manner…eyes sizing up the crowds thronging the hood’s streets, streaming to town for their evening endeavors…
i was at peace with my soul, very.

i didn’t hesitate to give out my piece of mind…she seemed to enjoy the statement and the second time she gave me that cheeky glance, i was alarmed, greatly..

“me i just want that thing and we conclude this whole thing up..the emotional baggage and all…”
i let out without a second thought. i cared less…it was a win-or-lose-God-is-great situation…who cared?

she was silent. dint even look at me. she looked forward…as the people passed us ,others by overtaking us, others brushing as they sauntered in the opposite direction…
“…i mean, its just a want night thing, and the whole thing is over..”
ha! i pushed on…
her mouth opened,slightly. and i thought the whole world was coming to a standstill…still, she said nothing….
” i know you and you know me…yah, there is no mystery..” i said, bobbing my head lightly
where was this coming from?…i dint have time stop, think or reconsider…
then i kept quite, and my gesturing arms were now down…the next few steps were filled with voices which i’d laugh at later..
” you know i am hooked up to this jamaa, i love him and we’ve been..’

“ok, i think that is necessary…coz you said it, but..”

i pricked my she interrupted my thoughts
” …i think this emotional baggage will go with time…”
i dint respond and as we neared her destination (saturday
church youth meetings, praise the Lord!) i only counted..

one Mississippi
two Mississippi..
three Mississippi..

this was the last i was meeting her, i knew…when the play is over, its time to get off stage, no matter how ecstatic the audience is…ha!

then i broke my ice, “its ok with me”
and as we stood there, ready to part ways…she started bubbling again, mumbling even….
” but i can give you the answer now…next time we meet, I’ll give you my feedback…”
i only gave her a blank look, no emotions, no expression, nothing…and i extended my arm…and as our fingers interlocked…she finished off her statement…
:” yeah, next time we meet, that is if, you’ll still be for the idea..”
“cool” i said…as i flashed a grin, as i turned and walked away…wondering how she was spoilt between two choices…he (she dindad this idea of chatting, when we went to the cyber) wud have led to the gspot..ha! why not take a shorter route?



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  1. LOL! So u mean we can finally go or that Lunch date!:=)

  2. LOL at thee bounce…

    klara akililia wembe…

  3. i think i left a post at the wrong place…nikulewa

  4. @klara..we kamu!
    @modo…why am i not surprised?

  5. either u were played ama just trying to be a gentleman and that i call it the GSPOT

  6. afraid, maybe i am nt a gentle man!mi tu ni boy flani.

  7. @Modo…APEWE!!

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