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yeah right!
unyc did it, she tagged me…
well, am not thaaaaaaaaaaaaat old in the blogging scene to intrigue any one, but i believe am so much more. …so, let me see seven things i can glean about…myself…
here we go..
7. i was born bare foot. and schooled barefoot too (mpaka class five!) many say it coz no shoe could fit me and i agree thats a good excuse, aint it? still on that….
6. am so patient. extraordinarily so, and this make me stomach mob shit…but rarely do anyone stretch me to the limit…but i’m also schem-y too, provided i have my way in the end…i’ll leave you to blow your trumpet long as your muscles can.
5.i love big boobies.its like they inspire me, greatly…like my muse is called muze…from muzzle..mezzanine area, whooping muzzles do knock my kneecaps off he he..please..which is may way of saying…am wierd, handsomely so(:)
4. am confident, straightforward and hate music..now that should be 3, 2, 1…can approach even the damnest fly n feared Chiquita (if thats your definition of it)…yah, i have balls…so am easily put off…but in the same breathe, very easy to light me up n get me rolling, chatting animatedly. u can’t get bored wit me…not unless u’re not open to explore(either way!).as for music, i hate it…but i absolutely love the noise it makes…thats y i do listen to it now..
3. am good in maths.in hi-skul, i never missed any math’s contest and apparently…i was in the company of geeks…bt i hanyad like no one’s biz…n i wonder why i never took up a career in it…so, bring it on in the number game!
2. i fall for dancers, have a soft spot 4 ’em..(hint hint unyc..lol) my ex was, n so is my future ex-girlfriend..tsk… i believe there is a rare connection in the way the skill is honed…brains, beauty( a rare combi) plus add dancing, n i’d chonga viazi for you..he he(BTW did u know Shakira has an IQ of 140(i beat her, i got 140.5!) n she can speak five languages fluently (Spanish, Arabic, Eng. French and German**)?
1.am the first born in a family fiercely cured in the WORD (give it to Dad 2 give us the Word)…yet, my actions…God forbid….oh, n i have a sweet small bro, his name is Mshindi…he has four teeth, can now walk…n he lightens up my evenings..



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  1. Good piece, about your self…about big boobies and dancers…ur ex had both? If yes… then u lost something rare:
    Greatest dancer ciara has got not boobies

  2. interesting you love dancers lakini hupendi what makes them do that…hmmm! kwa hivyo we hufunga masikio unawatch tu nini?

    niaje, kwani we ni big foot…hakuna kiatu yako kwa market?

    nice blog dude…nitakuwa nikija hapa nikitaka kuangalia wazimu mwingine…


  3. nO.7..LOL
    No.6..You are!Wow! My Opposite
    No.4..Ohhh, How can u hate Music? But I admire ur Confidence..
    NO.3…Wow! That was my worst subject! Good 4 u!
    @No.2..I love dancin..
    No.1..Same here
    Nice Week!

  4. Now this is a bit too crazy.. you contradict your self my dear

  5. mwenda wazimu!!

    Big boobies….

    Dancer…thats me…lol.

    U already have a next galfrnd 2 be…u r cheatin on me. dont come home tonight.

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