the working place menace…

May 8, 2007 at 10:26 am | Posted in works | 1 Comment

i have to scribble this fast…faster than the boss utters his ubiquitous phrase..” i want the work done, now!”
OMG, this is my first jobbo and even though its a short learning so much my dad never told me. now that make me sound like mama’s boy…no am not.
see, every where i have been, i have been the youngest catty to grace the place..ok except the visits to children homes…when i joined the campus paper, i was the last born, albeit that was my first semester…my friends were busy chasing skirts…or better still, former skirt wearers…now that 90% dumped them for good.
i aint a nerd or a workaholic…dontchu presume that no, i still have my share of hogwash, BS and loads of blissful moments that blow my mind away…i dont understand it…my work schedule runs from 8-5pm and anytime i sneak out to see my friends, they still see me as a ‘danger’…yaani, they hold their mamas closer…ha!
am i this hot?
he he he..let me stop dotting n get bogged down by work…and the good thing about this is that am doing what i like…its my passion and no matter how hard inaniletea kichwa, i still love it, ok in as much as boss aint screaming at assumed incompetence..whereas every other minute he hollas at my work station…he has a new ‘and urgent’ job for me…which means he needs me to leave the previous…and then halfway through the other…he asks about the previous ..and doesn’t that suck…especially when he takes none of ‘your excuse’..
psssssssssssst..ndio huyo, see you guyz!


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  1. I feel u so much..No one gets bogged down by her jobo like me! But what Can One do!

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