literal ecstasy

April 27, 2007 at 8:54 am | Posted in randommoments | Leave a comment

i think am falling in love with poetry now…
gosh, they (poems) just penetrate my membrane, caress my dire need to have literature satiate my immortal catty curiosity, n propel an ecstasy that only betrayal can generate…pleasure..pleasure, lit gives me pleasure all the time… literature is all about pleasure…its about having sex without getting is quite much the opposite, i live literature, i love it…but still…poetry is an aphrodisiac to my injects a mighty thrust to my imagination..imagination being the highest kite any human being can fly– leave alone those nerds in NASA telling us of the new planet..i hear they dismissed pluto as a planet..arrrghhdoes it matter if Pluto is a planet or not?
like mwalimu king’ang’i, i can only quip ” jyes! wachana nazo tuta ziona h-on the way to heaven!

meanwhile, have sex with this..use protection and don’t get yua balloon blown..

From the depths of hell the angels scream with pain, with pleasure as the devil makes them cream. Their cunts tingling and wet but their cheeks are damp with tears of sorrow and deception. What have they done? What will they choose? Selfish pleasure or an eternity of selfless satisfaction? for they have tasted the forbidden fruit….or should i say, the Devils meat?!

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