setting it off

April 26, 2007 at 10:08 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

am one adventurous fella and i had to result to changing my template after some botched up web crawlers meesed up my original one.
with it comes new stuff and am simply setting it off. see, i have been thinking of late. quitre mildly- not the kind of thinking that you hear spoilt rich kids talk about- sijui, sit back, reflect and re-evaluate their lives…no- simple assesment. am a simple guy ans it as a virtue i'd like to embrace however hard and slippery it may be…simplicity is beauty..he he.
i think i have a story to tell. my life is a fate ihave accepted and daily, a learning to live with it. my family- this great octopus we cant entangle our selves from, ever..friends, God's apology for our relatives, thanks God we can choose them…enemies those which i cant live without,the pedestal wich my pinnacle of succes is based on…God, give me more of them!
meanwhile, am rumbling and ama chuck my life details..
personal memoires they call it. no need to have rats shit on them when you can devour on my skewed world view..if i cant say it on my blog, where else?


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  1. Niiki mundu?

    Nani anakustress?

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