outsourcing breast milk: interested?

April 26, 2007 at 8:13 am | Posted in randommoments | Leave a comment

the best investment a society can make is breastfeeding its young ones, or so said Churchill.
me thinks he was right…even though i forgot how it was, i think it was great…ha!..n thus the frequency of the phrase ‘ forget her the way i forgot my mothers milk’
see, me i believe gin was mother’s milk to me, but thats a story for another day (and dont assume am an alcoholic anonymous naaaaa..)
ok, i read this article on TIME.com and i thought wet-nursing could earn some of our women chums to keep going as well as restore those lost nuts and tighten the loose ones… wet-nursing for those in the Dark, is the breastfeeding of another woman’s child, by another- for charity or cash. some women interviewed have eked out a living from the trade and even though its not widely practised, its an ‘art’ many young women are turning to.

they say mum’s milk intensifies the bond between the mother and the child and the more one is breast fed, the more ones IQ grows…
still, methinks most of us skipped this vital stage in life. more so, we just never had enough if the repercursions of insufficient breast feeding is anything to go by. the number of screwheads we have on the streets who dont have an ounce of brain leave alone humanity could have is so alarming and scary…if only we could reverse their lunancy…or is there a way we could buy them bottled breast milk ( i wonder how many women are milked!) n feed them perhaps we could have more sanity in our society…or hire hordes of women to force breast feed them..any volunteers?


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