smitta blog rebound 1

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Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 12:21:31 -0400 (EDT)
From: “felix mind” <>
Subject: hi pulsaterzz

when writing to newspapers really gave me a stratopheric kick…i once wrote to pulse the following mail. it wasn’t in the politest lang. available then, but surely the idea was noble, noblen’t it?

am an ardent reader of pulse and love your vybe much.kwanza the graphics are cool and your storoz are freshi.however i have beef with one of your jamaaz.of course smitta iz the this jamaaz vybe is quite cool,but msee it be even more cooler if you did it on your blog page msee.if you don know what itis type it on google and you’ll get (pun very much intended).come on this is a national newspaper meant to entertain the youth informatively.i dont think we need any vybe about our celebs.their gossip is damn boring and we have better things to do than stare at an eyesore of their ever stupid accounts,sawa?leave that to the tabloids…Sawa Tony .
am out n love you guyzz,’cept smitta.


A wise gal kisses but doesnt love ,listens but doesnt believe and leaves before she is left!

now, months later, i put on my shit-detector n happened to wade thru’ last week’s smitta page and was smotten to find that smitta is in the process of launching one as a part of his ‘re-invention’ programme…
still, me dont like smitta regardless…i still think he is a hallmark of mutated brain n he just pisses under my skin with his verbal antics.

word gene-ass

surely, as a word acrobatic, he takes home the cup, belt and trophy but as a writer he’s rot- in as much as his gibberish screedy column is involved. sadly, its the only thing he’s best known
and like pulse likes asking about kiss- can it manage to sustain its shine without this word gene-ass?…dont you only think of smitta anytime pulse is mouthed..and of course gossip?
for now, digest that…rebound two comes out the time he launches the out.


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