‘im penpaperazzi…check the photoz out..

April 23, 2007 at 10:53 am | Posted in buddies | 1 Comment

we start wit my bulky sports guy..Brayooooooooooo!…he’s gotten used to cowskin n this ballonski(smitta influence, i hate smitta!) seems to amuse him none the more…i dunno what he thought it resembled..but just check the sequence and leave evrything to imagination….

i wrote him a letter….”brayo, niaje…umebambikaaaa?”
hivi ndio si huzifanyaaaaaa…….

nini hizo????jeezzz……..check out who juts it out more..lol..me like ’em saa sita!

me just went to that very fun day to see bikini, n dint miss a dot(polka dotted ones. flowered…zote!)

so hiaz me n some mama i think was blessed wit evrything(far center): a mind and a behind! lol!..soon as she sees this am gonna pull all this down!..shakira shakira!!!..i had dreadiez then…nyoad them when i dumped my ex..Koigi Style..dude!

n this is when i denounce some friends God gave me..even if it is culture week, Masha!

but this one always warms my heart with the dire need to reverse situations n my eternal mortal capacity to always want what i can[t]have….but for A girimba(ama jae Tytoo?) like me..is there anything im-possible…shakira tena..


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  1. Lovely Pix! Really!

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