the extent love gone sour can go 1

April 17, 2007 at 11:25 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

i have visited several blogs concerning the Virginia tech shooting and am overwhelmed by the kind of information that is cropping up by the minute. the revelations and the reality of the whole thing is just as shocking as the incident itself. more so, its the motive behind the whole thing…you could check this links first..

“I don’t think my professor got out.”

Highly unlikely this was a spur of the moment emotional move (VT shooting)

argggggggggggg..this whole thing oscillating in such an unfathomable rate.n i just don’t get it
women..women..i blame it all on them..check this excerpt..

According to unconfirmed rumors available to The Reference Frame, the
killer was a 6-foot tall male Asian – I suppose East Asian – student
between 20 and 25 years from Radford University whose girlfriend from
Virginia Tech left him. He had two guns (at least one of which was a 9
mm caliber handgun) and wore a vest – probably a bulletproof vest – with
too much ammunition as well as a maroon cap and a black leather

In the morning around 7:15 am, he went to her dormitory in the West
Ambler Johnston Hall. She was not there so he shot her roommate and
the residential assistant. They didn’t shut down the university, so he
continued and tried to find the ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend in the
classroom of the Norris Hall (engineering) a few hours later. He didn’t
know the exact location, so he has visited a few classes, lined up all
students against a wall, and shot them one by one – and then himself
by a shot into his head.

i regress, naturally and just sit back n reflect on the whole tragedy.

REMEMBER: when a funeral bell rolls anywhere in the world…it tolls for you too, regardless.



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  1. To some point I think all this love bullshit sucks. I dont believe in it. I think it’s just a confusion created in the minds of different people.
    If you love me enough, you will not kill me, rather you will let me be…
    And if you don’t, then live and let live..
    :.Just Sue.:

  2. What pple do for love! Wldnt want 2 bcome a psycho. That’s crazy n i cld not believe it. Damnnn!!!
    Thanks for visitin my maskan.

  3. That was sad really sad, Things a broken heart can do! Bt I dont blame it on the gal that guy was abomb waitin 2 explode!!
    May their souls Rest In Eternal Peace!

  4. thanks 4 the comments
    @Sue..yah, i agree wit u- love is just an illusion that blocks out reason in evry vision.
    @unyc…he;s infact a psycho..that jamaa…visited the mental asylum in 2005..ya, thankx 4 visitin mine too..
    …hhhuumm pesa siasa pombe na WANAWAKE..zina fanya wanaume wauane!

  5. Blood rush into the head,then lighting and thunder,fear and wonder,Murder and murder,Chaos, disorder,Hate and pain,rose again. It always does.Now till eternity,*Follies of human imperfectness elaborated in a great theatre that is earth. I love this mortal satire yet I ridicule it. Its not strange to see how sanity ebbs out of mortal minds when they cann’t cope with the inevitable… then,just then instantaneously a worse entity occupies the void. An entity that the naive humanity cannot harness, for it is weaker than them. If they only knew.
    Love,whats love?Extent of love gone sour*pity. Humanity has yet to grasp what love is. In our contemporary society love is lust,a heathens passion..a grueling task for the fallen morning star to engage us in an operic nothingness before our demise. Into hades humanity shall fall lest they face the light. Nothing remains unless wisdom is bestowed onto them by El shaddai.
    Mozart in his Lacrimosa[Requiem] best describes humanities pitiful situation.

    Tearful that day,
    on which will rise from ashes
    guilty man for judgment.
    So have mercy, O God, on this person.
    Compassionate Lord Jesus,
    grant them rest. Amen.

    Literal translation [listen to the perfomance..Beautiful work by Wolfgang Amadeus.]
    I love your writing…but this article lacked passion.

  6. to screed writer…u just want the article re-done, uhhhm, i got no time to spend on love bullshit…but i’ll surely re-do vetoing it wih the passion u’re insisting..otherwise, thnks for the comment n checking out my maskan…

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