man must live, regardless.

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the many people we meet in our daily life, the various experiences we manage to muddle through..if we could only look just a little more closely, listen more attentively, n feel with all our senses, maybe we couldn't be where we are. see, somebody once told me that common sense aint that common. i thought he was a wee bit condescending. i was wrong, he was right..but thats a story 4  another  day.
since, i don't just look, i observe, i don't just hear, i listen..don't just touch, i feel.i dont just write- i express, i just dont love. i lust..ha, getting off topic
whatever the case, an encounter with some fella left me thinking and weighing my life in his scale.
i couldn't walk a mile in his shoes.regardless n regarding… any trait i may posses.
i had been enrolled by dad to look over some fundis as they converted plain iron sheets and wood into a ,well, what we'd call a constructed structure.
by and by, i came into terms with the reality( as my friends were having it fun-ny elsewhere) n my roving eye caught him.
he looks pressed, not at all crushed, beaten and off-track, but still has life. he's bruised all over- to the extent if he was the only recruitee the whole police force wouldn't do without, even with credentials, he'd go to the grave unsung…
he's seemingly old. the kind of 'elder-ness' that is AIDS. thanks to keg n (un)equally strong liquors. and he;s not about to quit, he tells me as he shakes while handling this plank of wood..
his bloodshot eyes are scary and one of them is more nyanya than the other…
" i was walking drunk in this Rongai Ghetto n there occured a brawl n out of the blue , a stone hit my eye" he goes on " at first, it hit me hard in the gut that i had lost my eye " he says, gesturing with his rough-and-hard-as-concrete palms covering his right eye.
talk about a man who accepts reality as it comes with its mishaps and mis happenings.never argues with nature…
as if that was not enough, the fella was admitted in Kenyatta only to have his slit eyelid sewn carelessly n now, some eyelashes grow directly in the eye…poking it. he rubs it continuously and he ends up reddening it more.
am about to take my eyes off his face when i spot the bridge of his nose is strewn with stitches.ha, a tough guy i got here. so, what about it…a bar brawl, you guessed it. this also explains why his teeth…well, not many really can stand to be counted.
sullen dude.
but its all in his eyes. you can see that spark of life as he limps away…oh, i dint tell you that he has a leg that defies the body's dire need to walk in a straight gait.
he was hit by a car. he escaped death by a whiskey..sorry whisker. talk about a damaged person….damaged people are dangerous, they will always tell you: THEY KNOW THEY CAN SURVIVE.
for this guy, it seems he is one of those unlucky in life. those that get involved in accidents meant for other people.
so sad. what a pity.
he can make any 'hard-hearted' chick( the fairer n fainter sex, ya?) jittery, the very sight of him…
see, his plans are equally scary. concerning the right eye, he plans no treatment for it. he holds it that they eyelashes will eventually learn to grow comfortably without hurting his eyes. by the way, it doesn't help to pluck them out- they get sharper edges and his eye will suffer the full wrath of the blunt eyelashes…dude
hid leg. its a pain, an excruciating one, in the, ok, leg. he plans to have it amputated coz he's now crippled…and the way he says it…so sadistic and i like ask him to repeat.
"da kio jire"
he says in kiuk: "i am crippled now"
i wonder loudly how he'd manage to work( for shs. 200 a day)…he warbles about his family and when the evening( read paytime) arrives..he sets off to wherever he lives( or more precise still, the beer den)and he leave a permanent imprint in my memory…



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  1. U write well. Do kip it up.

  2. I have met people who I have wondered how long I would last in their shoes! I guess it all goes with the saying” God never gives u more burdens than He knows u can carry”
    Well written

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