votin the geezers out

March 28, 2007 at 3:33 pm | Posted in randommoments | 2 Comments

today i spent the day nurturing young hearts(@ a kindergarten my family runs) to become responsible citizens if this country. well, n it was good now that it was do-what-i-say-not-what-i-do policy.
then, i dispatched them early as ‘teacher had other important biz to attend’….n true, i was to pick the electors card to day- for y’all who thiink am well below the legal age…
n wasn’t it an experience, in the observation kinda sense…i mean, from the time i arrived at the station n i was sizing up the clerks:
they were two smartly dressed ladies-in-black and going by their freshly-plaited hairstlyles and the hospitality they gave ignorant kenyans…man n the way the chief-lady was whispering worms of conversation into her phone, that was govt credo… n chedar
meanwhile, i got my name registered n am prepared to vote all these old geezers out. remember i dont vote 4, i vote against n replace these corrupt many with the incompetent few.
after the nervous seconds of having the sexy mama hol’ m’ sweaty palm(to get my fingerprint), i made my exit, tryin to look my best n am like hopin al meet her next time i pass by..
then, if a heart attack doesn’t stop me, al drop some line like(after callin on my celly n pretendin that a no aint going thru’..)\
“hey, wud you flash me this no, my phone got connexion issues..”
n then , i give her my number n that way, wont i have her no?
never mind…am not desperate..
anyho, i was like headed to my former colle n i this mat almost run over me….steered by drug crazed touts n full of hip yung stas from skul, hell, i flashed the unidigital salute n scurried off…but i dint fail to notice this lady seated on the front seat with her hand resting on the door in an i-own-this-car style. her friend, just next to her is bobing her head off to the high-decibel, pouring from the vehicle’s powerful woofers- yung pple, a vain generation..
then this tout swings out n lands dangerously, almost knocking me over(kismat sio?). the only thing i note is his black shirt( i stare at it like a fool when he screeches infront of me)…
“i know i am not PERFECT but am so CLOSE it scares me”.
. .then instead if apologising, the dude is like looking at me like am made of mahogany n wonders if some hooters have sprouted from his chest..uhm, dude doesn’t even know wot he is wearing..no wonder he’s not perfect n is not only scared of getting wholly perfect, rather of thinking..

finally, i spot this shabby t-shirt on an unaware mamamboga n it concludes my day…..
” life test:no experience needed”


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  1. Lovely! Really n make sure u cast ur vote!!!

  2. Actually, you are well above the legal limit and we know it. If you dare me, I will publish it here. (Go ahead, try)
    I see you finally thinking about becoming even something of a reponsible citizen. Good luck in your new calling.
    great stuff.

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