the vals that wasn’t

January 25, 2007 at 5:56 am | Posted in he-motions | Leave a comment

from my hibernation hole, my tiny small eye watches as the red-‘litter’ day unfolds. my pinhole was so clear i could see right through tomorrow, literally. its clear that this fella who has just rushed by with a mamsilla tagging along with a bouquet of red roses isnt in sync with the mood their (red) attires exhibit, i mean can someone look so awestruck like she is made of mahogany or something??
wait, can such a perishable so-easily rotten good cost that much sincerely? and its state will be detestable a day later?
And what is vals in the first place? a day that was born in the inept mind of a bloke called valentine to send broke blokes deeper into the abyss of serious brokeness and financial stress…n cardiac arrests at the shockers that this day holds for them…watever!
i brushed shoulders with merchants as they made their way, smiling, grinning and groping their bellies all the way to the bank as i trotted to the lib and find out about this baller…
n i was forced to think that vals was better-back-in the days, long, loooong before our forefathers wore any undergarments and not any century near the time when livingstone sampled the warmth of the bossom of the african woman…
i mean when the whole affair was not marred by commercial scam and mass financial exploitation in the name of love…manze i never thought that 200g of that damn afrodisiac-cum-lovely choc could cost more that a R.V.F. -free kg of meat, drats!
anyhow, as i stuck my broke cheap-ass at home, i guessed i’d have loved to live in those days…
i mean wasnt this cycle a bright idea:
youngmen in ancient rome wud pick the names of young teenage girls from a box and that was the begining of bliss the rest of the year as she’d be his sexual companion till the next ceremony in mid-feb….i guess there was no rigging and if it at all occurred, it was for the good of the game. right?
now, any space-ship that can take me back in those days? i bet my last dollar (ok, shilling) that id hire it in exchange of this lifetime of technological nuances…
so you guys tell me how your vals was…mine was super bloody boring and i was of blund and dump spirit…so much for a day in feb that wasn’t ..
its even better for me to wait for four years to celebrate my birthday now that i was born on the night of Feb the 29th…


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