lover and friends

January 24, 2007 at 6:54 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

gals are fantastically amazing when all that is offered is friendship. come to think of it, you ‘ve just been chatting with this gal you’ve nevr laid your eys on before and minutes into the banter she comfortably introduces to you as her ‘new pal/friend.
thats cool,but my thinking, natrally does not stop there. it just wants to have what they think it can’t have…
still on the same line,’ disaster’ strikes when prefixes are added to the name friend, or rather, any attempt to do so.
ha, ever heard a shriek out of the blue like:” wewe! he’s just a friend!”. mmh, you can almost hear the ‘just’ in italics i tell you, damn and you rack your brain cells, hey kwani that ‘he’ is lucifer?. truly, lucifer can’t be a friend but the magnitude of the denial makes him look like angel micheal in such a case!
further to that, has it ever occured to you how you’d feel if some mama said that of you?
nevr mind.i also have dont understand the stigma or phobia that crops up when some smal harmless words are added to ‘friend’.
did it start in eden? that even a girl would hesitate to admit that that dude-over-there is indeed her sweetheart…in this case,i take the exceptions of those loud-mouth halfwits that go shoutign around campus ” you know my boyfie this, you know my boyfie that..”
how i loathe them.
or am i jealous? sh*t, why should i?

not really.
on the other hand…
on one hand, that isn’t an issue compared to having all you lines hitting the wal like the energizer bunny only to scream ” ever say die!”
yaani, she kataas that ka-prefix kabisa. in such a matter, i’ll not take any sides-neither the chicks reasons nor your predicament…i’ll just sit on the fence and let rationality rule-for once.
i mean, ka mtoto haku-feel , haku-feel . no two ways about it.its that simple.
on the other hand, us brothers got this habit of wanting WHAT WE REALLY CANT HAVE…
and ‘d pose like Jadakiss in ‘why?’
why a brother always wants what he cant have?
come on dude swallow the chill pill and leave us who got it to have it…as you get what you deserve- lover or friend!
down the memory lane…
‘twuz back then while in high school that i met this one really HOT number that she could melty the whole of Siberia, whose name with kidogo alteration read what she was to me(or so i wished, dreamt and always craved for)…asali- i dont want to get mushy but the sweet teen was really sweeeeet…
msee, however, she turned all my sharp sharp darts like idunnowot n my memory please fail me there… ________ years down the line, i still remember her.ha, stupid-cupid strikes once you know.
call me desperate!
wherever the hell she maybe, let her know that the offer STILL STANDS..LOL!


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  1. Sometimes we have to learn to let go kabisa.. Just let go the cute mama..
    Your blog too is something..
    Now you criticize prefixes used and the way am a fun..

  2. my personn agrees with sue..bana dont be bitter…
    and understand that though you may not be having the piece of cake ..another person is and you should be happy for them or otherwise jus ignore and forget..hahahahaha…felix…its unfair but its life..we win some we lose some….the help only comes in moving on!

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