on second thoughts

January 22, 2007 at 6:27 am | Posted in d8ingame | 2 Comments

yesterday, i got this lovy-dovy text (who cares!) that had my hormones rumble in a wild rant. ‘twuz from a certain blondie i adore non-intellectually as she gives me the chance to be the ‘teacher’ i’ll never be, with my over-the-hedge geeky stuff…i mean, he who can, does, i who can’t …teaches, got me?…about her? first, she is always at my beck, text and call and i think thats cool for someone whose greatest fear and phobia is commitment and strings-attached thingys. i like her speciality – mushiness in its highest order-as every well meaning wild goose needs that once in a while, when the real missy is giving him a hell hole of a time…not that they carry me with ‘them’ to cloud nine,naaaaaaaaaah, i doubt they ever stick in my memory leave alone making a maiden trip to my heart. nevertheless, they just keep me in touch with that softer side i was never meant to have. they assure me that one of my quadrant-engines is running well for the continued floating of the boyish-bliss plane…
its maintanace is a simple FFWD>> ing of previuos txts from equally enthusiatic parties as her.
that allows fair play to avoid run-ins and female scowls and hows..sijui ” why dint yu reply..blah, crap”
now thats two cent crap about it all….lakini , this text had something really really wierd…i presume it is beyond the call of bubble-gum headed blonde-ship to ‘dedicate’ certain songs. do they listen to them or they judge the song by its title?
or what has irreplaceable have to do with one who kisses the ground you trudge on….n loves you to death???
WAIT!..on second thoughts… i think she is dropping a hint here… ati she can get another in a minute..GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.. let me lay my hands on her….



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