pinochet: rot in peace, but the legacy lives on!

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i take this chance to pass the wooden spoon in honour of the fallen chilean dictator Augosto Pinochet. he just ended his efforts to bring him to book after 17 years terrorizing his opponents…n hell forbid, the geezer was 91! how sad these peeps do last…advice to would be dictators: just live your time till you are old, then you’ll escape trial owing to’ poor health’
rest in pieces pinochet. >>pinochet the man
in his hey days

however bad or good pinochet was, his legacy lives on. thats what matters after all in a ‘great man’s’ life. the violence and clashes that rocked san tiago are just but the little showof how much this man influenced that south american country.

down the memory lane, i have yahoo-ed n googled some of his moments in his life n rule.

  • he overthrew the then president Allende just 19 days after he was appointed the army commander.apparently, allende thought that Pinochet would defend constitutional rule.
most memorable quotes
  • “Not a leaf moves in this country if I’m not moving it,” Pinochet said after bombing the presidential palace , prompting Allende to commit suicide with a submachinegun given to him by Fidel Castro.
  • “I see myself as a good angel,” he told a Miami Spanish-language television station in 2004 while defending his authoritarian rule as a crusade to build a society free of communism.

Pinochet will not receive the state funeral normally granted to a former president, but only military honors at the Santiago military academy …not having imprisoned and mistreated the current president Michelle Bachelet during his dictatorship…she recently said that it would be “a violation of my conscience” to attend a state funeral for Pinochet.President ,

As a last rite,Pinochet will be cremated, according to son Marco Antonio, to avoid desecration of his tomb by “people who always hated him.”-as he had requested.

Pinochet is survived by his wife, Lucia, two sons and three daughters…n does he have a daughter of my age? well, i’d marry her indefinately…what with the $17 m stashed in foreign accounts..


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