the 21st century dating scene

December 8, 2006 at 10:08 am | Posted in he-motions | Leave a comment

i may not be that old or to be precise, i aint exactly out of my teens…but the dating game of this age is just one big bore. again, not that i have lived another age but i guess grass was greener in the past..
chicks are just turning out to be nightmares after another with ttheir quest to be the ‘liberated’ 21st century woman. wait, who poisoned their young minds with such chicken talk as that the knowlegde of who killed that russian ex-spy covers up the flaws of nature?
technical, political, or current affairs talk is definately no aphrodisiac. so not even your impressive knowlegde the so-called boy’s toys or how the latest signings in the premier league scores an extra card for you
yaani in short, the Sine qua non of the whole argument is this: just be a blonde and see how you’ll be appreciated by the male folk..\surprise me later than you know Augosto Pinochet was a japanese-born Chilean dictator n that you got the urgent snippets of the new features of the apple ipod nano…ha!then, thats a real aphrodisiac!
as of now, am bored n gotta quip like Pala ” women ought to behave!”
till then, i’ll rather spend time watching robots kiss than stick with you…n ha!..thats the real 21st century development!


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